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Day 2 got off to a hot start. After our first set of morning stations, gameplay began.  The first set of games were as follows:

Heat v. Magic            Celtics v. Knicks            Bulls v. Pacers            Nets v. Sixers

This game set gave us our first look at Top 15 prospect, Keith Frazier, with the Bulls. Their team looked dominant all day.  Another standout team that showed well, out of the West, were the Clippers. The Clippers took part in the second set of games:

Suns v. Clippers          Spurs v. Thunder          Mavs v. Lakers          Nuggets v. Warriors

Both the Clippers and Bulls looked unbeatable throughout games sets and the situation tournament.

Some of the standout players from Day 2 were:

Keith Frazier

Alex Robinson

D’Angelo Allen

Albert Owens

All helped lead their teams to top records in their respective Conferences.

Day 3 began with morning stations, followed by more games and, Coach Nate Martin led, Station 14.  This is Five-Star’s Athletic station; where the campers go through numerous drills to help improve flexibility, speed, agility, quickness and strength.  The campers really pushed through after a long, jam-packed weekend to show their desire to improve.  (Station 14 pics- Seen Below)


Check back in later for Awards and Orange & White Classic All-Stars.


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This weekend Five-Star Staff, led by Owner/CEO Leigh Klein, and over 200 of Texas’ top players assembled at the Duncanville Fieldhouse, just outside of Dallas, for Five-Star’s 2nd Annual Super Session. This first day is proving day at camp, proving to the coaches, the fans, the media and maybe more importantly the competition that you are here to compete and work on your game.  

Day 1 is reserved for stations and tryouts. Stations has been a trademark of Five-Star for over 45 years now and is the backbone of our camp curriculum. Here are some photos from Day 1 Station Sets:



Seen Above: Ball-handling 



Seen Above: Defense


Seen Above: Ball-handling


The second half of the night was reserved for team tryouts. This is your second opportunity to show everyone you came to play. The coaches move from court to court evaluating the players as they rotate play. Some of the standout players from Day 1 were:

Marcus Frazier

Braylon Rayson

Trenton Brinkley

D’Angelo Allen

Albert Owens

Cris Boleware

Alex Robinson

All of these players showed promise in Day 1 with two more full days to go. Who will stand out on SEPARATION DAY? Check back in to see how Day 2 pans out, and who will make a name for themselves as one of Texas’ Elite.


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*****Five-Star Orange & White Classic All-Stars*****

*****Five-Star Orange & White Classic All-Stars*****
Orange Team      
Saxon Thompson 2018 5 0 Cheatham Elem.
David McBride 2018 5’6 Lake Travis
Bryson Haggerty 2016 5’3 Barbers Hill High School
david steinbrecher 2016 5’6 yavneh
Malik Russell 2017    
Daniel Gutierrez 2014 5’11 Franklin HS
Earvin Darvy PG 6’2 Slidell HS
Kelci Rigsby 2013    
Trey Rollins 2012 6’5 Slidell HS
Collins Uzowulu 2014 6’0 Ridge Point High School
Shawn Brickley PG   Slidell HS
Anthony DeRogers PG 6′ 0” Slidell HS
Chris Harrison 2014 6’4 Connally HS
White Team        
Trajon Snell 2018    
Sidney Hadden      
Cole Leal 2016 5’5 Rockport-Fulton HS
Doyle Adams 2018 5′ 6″ Benton H.S. – Benton, LA
Anthony Mosley 2016    
Skylar Hadden 2013 6’5 Connally HS
Justin (JT) Carter 2015 6′ Cibolo Steele High School
Liam Fukushima 2013 5’11” The American School in Japan
Joe Gayles PG 6’1 Slidell HS
Roderick Smith PG 5’9 Slidell HS
Mike Wilson 2012 5’9 Slidell HS
Steven Stanley 2013 6’6 Brophy College Prep

*****Five-Star Award Winners*****



Most Outstanding Player- Trey Rollins

Most Promising Prospect- Steven Stanley

Best Playmaker- Shawn Brickley

MR. Stations- Collins Uzowulu

Best Rebounder- Shawn Duhon

Best Defender- Joseph Gayles

Mr. Hustle- Daniel Gutierrez

6th Man- Francisco Escobedo

Most Improved- Christian Carreon

Playoff MVP-

Orange & White Classic MVP-



Most Outstanding Player- Trajon Snell

Best Playmaker- Trajon Snell

Mr. Stations- Cameron Davis

Best Rebounder- Matt Albritton

Best Defender- Anthony Mosely

Mr. Hustle- Sachina Jaggi

6th Man- Nathan Parodi

Most Improved- George Fisher


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Five-Star starts it second session at Baylor University this week.  We are running back-to-back sessions here once again after a two year hiatus.  We have nearly 150 campers at Baylor for a second straight session; led by some players to look out for like, Collins Uzowulu (Day 1’s player of the day), Trey Johnson, Skylar Hadden (seen below), and returning for a second round, Liam Fukushima.


As games began Day Two, teammates Daniel Gutierrez and Eddy Lopez of the El Paso Heat, and currently of the Five-Star Celtics have helped their team at camp to a 3-1 record after the situation tournament finished up today.  (seen below)


We also have two teams that are currently undefeated, the Spurs, coached by Todd Shelton, and the Magic, coached by Matt Brown. The Spurs are led by big man, Tre Rollins out of Slidell, LA and Magic are led by tandem, Collins Uzowulu and Steven Stanley.

With the playoff semi’s and finals on the schedule for tonight, we will see maintains their streak and who’s first loss becomes a costly one.  Check back after camp to see our award winners, Orange & White Classic participants, and Camp Champions.

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The Final two days of camp were anything but boring. With a full days schedule on day 3, the campers woke at 7 a.m., ate breakfast and went right to work. Day 3 brought stations, intense playoff games and of course the fan favorite All-Star game to cap off the day.

This camp’s All-Star game brought us many “ooos and ahhs,” the campers surely gave us a show. Two individual standouts representing the NCAA were Saxon Thomas, who dazzled the crowd with his ankle breaking crossovers and no look passes, and Patrick Howell, who simply dominated the paint, scoring 10 straight points in the second quarter.

As for the NBA players, Liam Fukushima  and Aaron Jones showed major potential, with Liam’s tremendous court vision and Aaron’s pure athleticism, in particular, his one-hand, throw down in the fourth quarter, that lifted the fans to their feet and  helped guide the white team to a blowout victory.

Here are our two All-Star teams and action shots from the game:

White All-Stars

Orange All-Stars


White All Stars

Damien Rhodriguez 6’7 Sr.

Stefan Vidovic 6’3 Sr.

Gebe Meyers 6’6 Jr.

Aaron Jones 5’10 Sr.

Padetrick Raspberry 5’8 Sr.

Jalen Wells 6’4 Sr.

Jaire Hughes 6’0 So.

Liam Fukushima 5’11 Sr.

Tobias Moore 6’0 Sr.

Troy James 5’11 Jr.

Orange All-Stars

Nolan Wilson 6’5 Sr.

Jacuy Nixon 6’2 Sr.

Jed Warren 6’4 Jr.

Alvin Jones 5’10 Sr.

Kris Anderson 5’8 Sr.

Dillon Lewis 6’4 Sr.

Sherman Long 6’2 Sr.

Andrew Nunley 5’10 Sr.

Malik Ramos 5’8 Jr.

Blake Chiuminetta 6’3 Jr.

Wednesday`day 4, the final day of camp gave us NBA, NCAA and 3 on 3 champions:

3 on 3 Champs

NCAA Champs

NBA Champs

Last but not least we have our 5 Star Camp Awards:

Most Outstanding Player

Most Promising Prospect

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This week’s Five-Star Basketball camp brings us to Baylor University in Waco, TX, home of the legendary Bears.  There is always a lot of hype around the camp and this year is no different. Despite the rain showers, Campers showed up in large numbers to check in, eager to get camp started.

“Every year, I can’t wait to come to camp because I know I’m going to get better and push myself,” Said Liam Fukushima a 17 year old senior.

The Rest of day 1 consisted of stations and tryouts, giving both the coaches and the players an equal opportunity to get acquainted with each other.

“The Coaches are always in it with us, they don’t just teach us and wonder off, they really want to see us improve,” said Stefan Vidovic a 17 year old senior.

 At the end of Day 1 the coaches drafted and selected their teams, filling day 2 with intense games. Both the Spurs and the Lakers put on an impressive display of basketball with standout players Sherman Long, who demonstrated great point guard play, seeing the court very well, putting his teammates in great positions to score the ball and Stefan Vidovic who dominated offensively, look primed to go far in the playoff during the remainder of camp.

Here are some of the campers that have stood out thus far:




We are now looking forward to Day 3 and 4’s playoffs. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the first two days:



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# First Name Last Name Graduation Year Height School
22 PAYTON BRADLEY 2017 5’8” Putnam city West
32 Burtchal Griffin Jr. 2014 6’0 Haworth High School
45 Shaquar Martin 2015 6’3″ Ellison high school
34 Kendrick  Salone 2013 5’9 Oscar Dean Wyatt
44 Byron Smith 2014 6’6 Oscar Dean Wyatt
20 Taylor Roberts 2017 5’6 Classensas MS- HONORARY SELECTEE
11 Dion Malone 2013 5’4 Crowley HS
35 DeAndre Adams 2013 6’3 Crowley HS
10 Alexus Seaton 2017 5’5 Applied Learning Academy
21 Hannah Carrillo 2014 5’9 Saint Joseph’s Academy
# First Name Last Name Graduation Year Height School
10 Joshua Salmon 2018 5′ 2″ San Antonio Christian School
44 Tyler Tune 2014 6’3 Arnett High School
11 Chania Wright 2017 5’5 McCowan MS
21 Megan  Mitchon 2012 5’6 Moulton HS
20 Tim Boyd 2013 5’11 Conway HS (Arkansas)
34 Adrian Callies 2014 6’1 Kimball Union Academy
22 Tyrus Johnson 2017 5 9 Strickland MS
45 Calisto Kamoro 2013 6’5 Burke High School
35 Eric  Lambert 2013 6’0 Byron P. Steele HS
33 Jonathan  Mulmore 2014 6’2 Faith West Academy
33 andre mills 2014 6’3 waxahachie high-HONORARY SELECTEE
32 Oscar Rivera 2015 6’0 Hayworth HS

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