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Amir Atkins-2014-6’3-F-Hayfield Secondary-Alexandria,VA
Debon Bright-2015-5’10-G-DePaul Catholic-Chestnut Ridge-NY
Connor Burke-2014-5’10-G-Damascu-Damascus,MD
Ross Coley-2014-5’10-G-Paul Robeson HS-Philadelphia,PA
Sean MacGregor-2014-6’2-F-Comsewgoe HS-Port Jefferson,NY
Aaron McFarland-2014-6’0-F-Massaponax HS-Fredericksburg,VA
Logan Seacrist-2014-6’6-F-Massaponax HS-Fredericksburg,VA
Robert Taurino-2014-6’0-G-Roscoe Central HS-Roscoe,NY
Artimus Upshaw-2014-5’7-G-Vallage Christian Academy-Hopemills,NC
Garrison Wilson-2014-6’3-F-Trenton Catholic Academy-Stockton,NJ
Jake Whitaker-2014-6’0-G-South Hunterdon-Lambertville,NJ

NCAA 3 on 3 Champs Henry Brown, Dylan Borden, Daniel Clancy

NCCA Camp Champs-LOUISVILLE / Coach-Luan DaSilva

NCAA Playoff MVP-Trevor Sablan

NCAA No Dribble Champs and Situation Champs-KENTUCKY / Coach-Kim Bailey

NCAA Best Playmaker-Dylan Borden

NCAA Best Defender-Louis Rosato

NCAA Best Rebounder-Henry Brown

NCAA 6th Man-Justin Sanders

NCAA Mr.Stations-Alain Gonda

NCAA Mr.Station 13-Daniel Clancy, Paul Campbell

NCAA Most Improved-Trevor Sablan

NCAA Most Outstanding Prospect-Phil Han

NBA 3 on 3 Champs-Logan Seacrist, Artimus Upshaw, Jordan Wilson

NBA Camp Champs-HEAT / Coach Mark Gaffney

NBA No Dribble Champs-LAKERS / Coach Al Barbosa

NBA Situation Champs-HEAT / Coach Mark Gaffney

NBA Mr.Stations Amir Atkins
NBA Best Playmaker-Paul Mulcahy

NBA Best Defender-Connor Burke

NBA Best Rebounder-Logan Seacrist
NBA 6th Man-Shayne Wagner

NBA Mr.Station 13-Garrison Wilson

NBA Most Improved-Michael Blas

NBA Most Promising Prospect-Paul Mulcahy

NBA Most Outstanding Prospect-Logan Seacrist


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NBA 3×3 Champs:  Alex, Marrow, Vincent Conn, and Cameron Nzeutem

NCAA Camp Champs: Kentucky

NBA Camp Champs: Knicks

NCAA Playoff MVP: Jarred Duncan

NBA Playoff MVP: Joey Daganiero

NBA All-Star MVP: Jerrell Doorbal

NCAA No Dribble Champs and NCAA Situation Tournament Champs: Florida

NBA No Dribble Champs: Nets

NCAA Best Playmaker: Max Valencia

NBA Best Playmaker and NBA Best Defender: Canaan Donowa

NCAA Best Defender: Maalik Hayward

NCAA Best Rebounder: Todd Greene

NBA Best Rebounder: Nicholas Kam

NBA 6th Man: Michael Katz

NCAA Mr. Stations: Justin Gliksman

NBA Mr. Stations: Victor Cohen

NBA Station13: Allie Haber and Aji Grumet-Bass

NCAA Most Improved: Zion Albert

NBA Most Improved: Evan Georgio

NCAA Most Promising: Todd Greene

NCAA Most Outstanding Player: Zion Williams

NBA Most Outstanding Player: Canaan Donowa

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Day 3 at camp is always a great day, mainly because this is the day when the semifinals, finals, and all-star game happen. The  NBA semifinals had the Heat facing off against Knicks and Nets vs the Spurs. The Heat ran away with the game from the opening tip led by Canaan Donoah for a final score of 32-51. In the second game of the semifinals, the Spurs took on the Nets in a run and gun style game. Alex Morrow (Spurs) led the team in steals and assists to help them run the Nets off of the court, 33-48.

The NCAA Semifinals was one to remember as Louisville took on Forida and Kentucky faced Duke. Louisville played a slow-paced but very effective game against Florida that ended in a low scoring nail biter ending in Florida’s favor, 28-22.

The highlight of the NCAA Semifinals was the match-up between Kentucky and Duke! Kentucky was led by the one two punch of guards Zion Williams and Logan Montillo vs the all-around skilled Max Valenci (Duke). For the majority of the game, Williams found himself matched up against a very determined Valenci whom was outstanding by being his team defensive leader and made a shot when it was needed. Each time down the floor these two studs would match each others shot but Kentucky continued to hold on to their lead. Just when Duke saw daylight and made a run, Montillo (Kentucky) would come and pick up the slack to keep Kentucky ahead in the game becoming the major component as to why Kentucky would advance onto the Finals vs Florida winning by 28-22.

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Day 2 of ESU Camp started off very well with stations such as Rapid Fire Shooting, Passing Drills, and Screening Drills. These drills are great because it helps show the coaches what the campers are strong at for in game situations as well as most importantly help the campers improve their skills and gain the confidence to use these tools when playing a game. Shortly after, the first official games of the camp was under way between the teams of the Heat vs Nets and Spurs vs. Knicks. The mixed teams concept was a great idea to begin with but once the game got started it made things that much better. Both teams were evenly matched in just about every position. Canaan Donoah (Heat) started things off with his amazing speed and great decision making. His match up throughout the game was against another savy gaurd, Alex Morrow (Nets). These two studs were neck and neck creating great scoring opportunities and finding the open man in which Donoah’s case was big man from Trinidad, Jerrell Doorbal (Heat). Doorbal seemed to be unstoppable when it came to crashing the boards but definitely stood out with his superb shot blocking. Although he is 6’6 and sho blocking should be automatic, it takes skill to be a good shot blocker and Jerrell’s timing makes him that much better. With all the quick scoring taking place, the Heat took a 9 point lead going into the half. The 3rd quarter was more slow paced thanks to the guards taking their time to make the best scoring play which turned out to be a great tactic for the Nets. By doing so, they were able to get back into the game and take a 3 point lead going into the 4th quarter. Although the effort was great, the Heat were too much for the Nets in the closing minutes where they would take the W, 45-56.

The Spurs vs. Knicks was also a fun, high scoring game. Things started off slow but soon picked right back up thanks to the stellar shooting by Thomas Horry (Knicks). Horry did an amazing job moving without the ball and setting screens for his teammates but when the ball fell into his possession, he sure did make the most of it sinking 4 straight shots giving the Knicks a 8 point lead with 3:30 minutes remaining. At this point the Knicks got a little too comfortable because the determination and will of the Spurs was tested and they would surely prevail winning by 4, 54-59.

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Day One of ESU camp was an exciting day thanks to the variety of players that are joining us on these next four days. During team tryouts, you can see the high level of competition exhibited on the floor. Not one player took a play off and gave their 110%. Coaches drafted their players for the four individual teams but put 2 teams together when they played. The teams that played the first and third quarters counted as their own game and the same went for those that played in the second and fourth quarters. This was a new way of team organizing but didn’t lack in any other category once the games began. From tip off there were a few standouts that instantly grabbed the attention of the coaching staff. Players such as Canaan Donoah, Jared Duncan, Jerrell Doorbal, and Zion Williams all hit the floor running and had a great first day and are sure to excite us all in the days to come.

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Championship Wrap-Up

These days upsets are all the rage and we certainly had our share of them at this first ESU session.  The finals match-up featured both wildcard teams, the Lakers and the Nets, each having limped into the playoffs.  But they got hot at the right time and that’s the only thing that matters as they both compete for the distinguished title of Camp Champs.  The game was intense from the jump and remained that way throughout.  We expected nothing less from these two teams who have scrapped and clawed their way all the way to the doorsteps of the championship.  Behind the Spanish trio of Xavier Aguilar, Roberto Martinez and Ignacio Garcia, the Lakers jumped out to an early lead.  But the Nets, led by forwards Jimmy Sheehan and DJ Boukerdenna (Spain) stormed back and turned the game into a back-and-forth affair.  Martinez and Boukerdenna had a battle for the ages on the blocks on both ends of the court as neither was willing to give an inch.  Friends from Spain, both were physical and making their presence felt.  The match-up between the two best point guards in camp was definitely fun to watch as well.  The Lakers’ Xavier Aguilar and the Nets’ Jake DeLong put on a dribbling and passing clinic with their sweet drives and dishes.  When the final whistle sounded, the Nets would prevail.

Congratulations to all ESU Camp Award Winners

Xavier Aguilar – Best Playmaker

Coach Kevin Daniels and Orange All Stars (Team North America)

Coach Roland Whitley and White All Stars (Team Spain)

Keaton Ferris – Mr. Stations

Kyle Anderson – 6th Man Award

Peyton Griffiths – Best Defender

Elliot Hicks – 3pt Champ

Jimmy Sheehan – Best Rebounder

Thomas Lewis – Most Improved

Ethan Andrews – Station 13

Dylan Painter – Most Promising Prospect

Pablo Hernandez – Most Outstanding Player

Pablo Hernandez, Israel Brown, Michael Haberstroh – 3on3 Champs

Jake DeLong – Playoff MVP

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(July 2nd)

Day 3 would begin much the same Days 1 and 2 started with rain.  And despite three days of less than desirable weather, the campers were still as enthusiastic as when they first arrived to camp.  Several coaches have already pointed out the tremendous energy and effort levels of the campers despite the long days where each camper received extensive reps and had to battle the elements.  Head Coach, Kevin Pigott was impressed with how intense the campers were heading into Day 3 and after their morning set of games.

The morning featured an overtime affair between the undefeated Heat and the Lakers who have a talented roster but have suffered some tough losses in the past 24 hours.  Dylan Painter put up his usually impressive numbers but it was also guards Alvaro Marcos and Jared Lenoir who led the way with their tenacious defense and scoring.  Marcos drained five 3’s and Lenoir finished strong in the lane with an array of floaters, runners and teardrops.  They also received a strong performance from Matt Dinacci (WC Henderson High) who helped them build an early lead. The Lakers proved every bit that they can contend for the title later in the day behind the razzle-dazzle play of PG Xavier Aguilar (Spain) and guards Andrew Steinhardt (WHRHS, New Jersey) and Ignacio Garcia (Spain).  But if Robert Martinez (Spain) can play the way he played in this game (20pts) going up primarily against the much bigger Painter, the Lakers will surprise and turn some heads.  Ignacio Garcia of the Heat stated after the game “we will play better next time we see them and win.”

In another close game, the Pacers put their undefeated record up against the Nets.  When the dusk settled, the Pacers remained undefeated, squeaking out a tough-fought game in which they won 76-72 behind Pablo Hernandez.  The Nets, behind the strong efforts of Malik Smith (St. Raymond’s, NY) and Jake DeLong, put up a valiant effort but came up just short. Coach Kevin Pigott who refereed the game says afterwards “it was an exciting game that featured the type of competition Five-Star basketball has always been about.”

In the opening round of the playoffs, six teams made it with the top two teams, the Pacers (No.1 Seed) and the Kings (No.2 Seed) getting byes for their respective undefeated records.

In the wildcard match-up, the Heat and the Lakers met up again.  This time the Lakers turned it up another notch and turned the table on the Heat winning the game 63-56.  Despite limping into the playoffs having lost two in a row, the Heat players were determined to make a deep playoff run.  And win they did, following up Ignacio Garcia’s bold proclamation from earlier in the day.

In the other wildcard match-up, Carlos Bueno of the Nets led the charge and help his scrappy team to a solid victory over the Spurs.  The Nets took an early lead and never looked back winning the game by a healthy margin, 64-50.


The semi-finals featured the Lakers vs. Kings and Nets vs. Pacers.  There was a lot of anticipation leading up to the game and lived up to the hype.  The intensity on the court was palpable with the game tight throughout.  The teams would trade runs late going into the final two minutes.  With just one minute remaining, the Nets took a three-point lead and would hold on to win the game by a final score of 70-69.  The Pacers’ Pablo Hernandez had an opportunity to win the game off a final second out of bounds lob play, but his shot rimmed out, sending the Nets into the Finals where they will take on the Lakers, who have gotten stronger with each game this camp.  Led by the unselfish play of Xavier Aguilar, the Lakers would start strong and finish that way en route to a 68-58.  The teams will compete in the finals tomorrow at 10am at the Mattioli Recreation Center.

The evening concluded with the Five-Star Orange and White Classic All-Star game, and this one was an international affair with the White All Stars all from Spain and the Orange All Stars all from North America.  The game was definitely exciting and captivating with each side have a nice crowd behind them throughout the game.  Many predicted a convincing win for the Spanish All-Stars but the difference in the game never went above 8 in either direction.  In the end, the Spanish team would prevail and win by a final score of 78-72.  The MVP?  For those of you reading, you probably could have guessed this one: Pablo Hernandez who finished with an incredible stat line of 17pts, 8 rebs, 6 asts, 3 blks, 2 stls.


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