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Attention Five Star Basketball Camp Award Winners @ Ramapo College I (June 26-29):
We are looking for award winners from the Five-Star Basketball Camp Ramapo I session. Due to a glitch in our systems, our documents, which include blogs and camp photos, for the Ramapo I session are unavailable. Five-Star Basketball would like to recognize the accomplishments of campers who excelled and received awards for their achievements at camp. If you were a recipient of an award for that camp session, please send in a photo attachment of yourself with your award(s) while wearing your Five-Star camp uniform to Coach.mike.mei@gmail.com so that we can post it online and give each of you the long overdue recognition you deserve. Any additional questions can be directed to Coach Mei at the above email.

To Start: Here is our NCAA Most Outstanding Player:
Gabriel Johnson
G.Johnson Five Star


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Congratulations to all of our Orange and White Classic Camp All Stars!






























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NCAA 3 on 3 Champs-Jack Skipper, Jarred Pacifico, Joshua Antoine

NCAA Camp Champs- Syracuse

NCAA- All Star MVP- Carter McNeal

NCAA 3pt Champ: Zius Newsome

NCAA Free Throw Champ – Alex Webb

NCAA MOP- Justin Galea

NCAA Best Playmaker- Zack Foley

NCAA Best Defender- Ryan Holder

NCAA Most Promising Prospect – Jhadir Charles

NCAA 6th Man- Sean O’Connell

NCAA Mr. Stations- Mark Scott

NCAA Station 13 – Cody Hite-Meza

NCAA Most Improved- Ryan Moy

NBA 3 on 3 Champs – Losini Kamara, Dumani George, and Andrew Fisher

NBA Camp Champions – BULLS

NBA 3-point Champ – Craig Rosen
NBA Free Throw Champ – Jack Coolahan
NBA ALL STAR MVP – D’Nathan Knox
NBA Playoff MVP – Losini Kamara
NBA Best Playmaker – Canaan Donawa
NBA Best Defender – Kevin Buron
NBA Best Rebounder – Brian Haggerty
NBA 6th Man – Aaditya Jain
NBA Mr. Stations – Austin Talikatilov
NBA Station 13 – Craig Rosen

NBA Most Improved – Nick Latham
NCAA Most Promising Prospect – Jhadir Charles (Scotch Plains HS – 2017)

NCAA Most Outstanding Player – Justin Galea (Trenton Catholic – 2018)

NBA Most Outstanding Player – Losini Kamara (Long Island Lutheran – 2017)

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Day 1 began with a wave. 160 campers were in attendance for tryouts. Yes, that is the highest enrollment at this camp ever, which means that each camper will work that much harder to catch the eyes of coaches before the evening draft. The night would begin with the traditional Five-Star evening stations, a camper’s chance to leave a strong impression with their coaches. With the majority of the campers being 8th, 9th and 10th graders, this camp is filled with young talent. The intensity was easily recognizable as campers were clearly determined and motivated not be lost in the shuffle.

Here are some of the images from the evening:

Ball Handling Station with Coach Storms (Garfield HS)

Screen Game Station with Coach Barbosa (LaSalle Academy)

Game Conditioning and Dribbling Station

Rebounding Station with Coach Sims (Riverdale)

Post Move Station

Head Coach Kevin Pigott (Fordham Prep) briefing the campers

Day 2 was all about the games. With 16 teams in the camp, each camper was going to get his fair share of game action and have a chance to play against other campers in the NY/NJ area. The competition was intense from the opening whistle of the opening game. The best game of the opening round of play in the NCAA division was between Syracuse and Rutgers. The Rutgers team featured an up-tempo attack led by Jhadir Charles and Mehmed Terzic who combined for a solid 30 points. The Syracuse team fought hard behind great efforts from combo guard, Mark Scott and all-around talent, Justin Galea (a possible call-up to the NBA division). In the end, after a tight game throughout, Syracuse would pull away and win by a final score of 53-52 earning the first victory of camp.

The best game of the 2nd set (NBA division) was between Coach Vincent’s Pacers and Coach Storm’s Lakers. The game was close throughout. Never was a team up by more than five points. Led by Justin Polesuk (Randolph HS), the Lakers kept pace with the more athletic Pacers who was led by their own playmaking guard Jain Aaditya (Edgemont HS). Despite the strong play from Mario Gonzalez (Puerto Rico), the Pacers had no answer for Brendan Allen (LUHI) who controlled the point with grace and precision using his uncanny passing ability. But he came up with the big shot when he had to with the game tied at two and the clock going all the way down to the final buzzer. His shot would help the Pacers win the game 39-37 and get off to a 1-0 start to the camp season.

In the early evening match-ups, we had Louisville take on North Carolina. Louisville would win the game by a final score of 62-53. Despite several attempts to get even, North Carolina was never able to make the comeback. Louisville was led by Ryan Lee (Terrill) and Bryan Adon (Rich Hill). This guard-wing combination sliced and diced their way around North Carolina’s defense. North Carolina would fight hard throughout the game behind a strong backcourt that has Matthew Degaetano and Zack Foley. Zack has been a camper since he started walking and now his game is really taking shape. The game would also feature a lot of solid defense, which is a sign that these two teams will be competing late in the playoffs.

In the final game of the night, the Bulls faced off against the Nets. Having spoken to many of the campers, this one everyone expected to be a good one. It was highly anticipated as we had some of the top draft picks squaring off after solid performances earlier in the day. Throw it the right to remain undefeated and we had the making of a great game. But the game did not materialize as the Bulls came out strong, took a commanding lead early and never looked back. The favorites to win the camp championship, the Bulls featured a high-powered attack led by Deonte Rowland (Glassboro HS), Kevin Buron (Garfield HS), and Vincent Conn (Rye County Day). This dynamic trio of guards put relentless pressure on the Nets from the jump and turned it into a rout. Coach Guest’s team will respond, especially since a leader in Tyler Sullivan (Ridgewoord HS, NJ) was born. Tyler stepped up to lead his team in defeat to the tune of 23 points and asserted himself as a vocal leader. First round pick, Brian Haggerty (St. Francis Prep) will have better days ahead as he looks to live up to his draft grade.

Day 3 marked the beginning of what everyone already knew heading into the morning was going to be a competitive opening round in the playoffs. The game of the day was between Timberwolves and Spurs.

The player of the game was without question, Duane Causwell (Northview) who finished with 10 Pts, 10 Reb, and 8 assists, 3 steals and 3 blocks for a terrific all-around performance.

While the NCAA started their playoff games, the NBA had its 3on3 tournament. In the end, the trio that came out on top was Andrew Fisher (Glassboro), Dumani George (Eagle Academy), and Losini Kamara (LUHI). The trio was simply lights out from the outside. And just when opponents started to step out to protect against the outside shots, they took it to the floor and attacked the rim with authority. They would win the tournament in the championship round by a final score of 3-0 by ousting 24 other teams. Congratulations to our winners.

In the marquee evening match-ups, Syracuse, the top seed put their undefeated record (4-0) on the line as they hosted Kansas in the NCAA semifinals while the top seeded Bulls hosted the Pacers in NBA semifinals. To no one’s surprise, the games were tight throughout. In the NCAA, Syracuse came out firing behind the hot shooting of Philip Georgio and Ryan Holder. Studs, Justin Galea and Mark Scott would use that momentum and cruised to a solid win over a strong Kansas team. In the NBA, for the first time all camp long, the Bulls went into the half with a 6-point deficit. But they were able to tie the game heading into the fourth quarter behind the leadership of Will Desatulle. Then Losini Kamara started to take over in the fourth. But even then, the Pacers would refuse to lose the game. Cameron Jordan led the way, trading baskets with the powerful Bulls team. But Vincent Conn would ice the game late with clutch free throws to seal the deal and send the Bulls with a final score of 44-38. The gym was certainly rocking during these games as the teams played for the right to compete in the Championship round for the coveted Five Star camp championship.

The finals match-up was between Syracuse and Indiana. In a close game, Syracuse who looked like it could have lost its first game of the camp, found a way to pull out a tough, hard-fought victory against a relentless Indiana squad. Carter McNeal paced Indiana with a near double-double (10pts, 7asts) and really was what kept Indiana in the game throughout. But despite his tremendous performance, it was not enough to help his team win the championship. Congratulations to Coach Max Huang (Binghamton) and Syracuse.

In the NBA, the heavily favored Bulls took their own undefeated record and put it up against Timberwolves. The Timberwolves smelled upset and played with intentions of crashing the Bulls’ party. Led by swingman, Duane Causwell and point guard, Canaan Donawa, the Timberwolves would lead for most of the game. Then came the forth and that’s when the Bulls turned it up, took the lead and never relinquished it again. Losini Kamara made a strong case for Camp MOP with game-breaking plays that had the crowd oohing and ahhing. In the end, the Bulls would win the championship by a final score of 70-65. Congratulations to Coach Jordan Sims (Riverdale) and the Bulls.

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Five-Star Orange/White Game All Star Roster

Camp Location RAMAPO

Date 7/5 – 7/8 League NCAA


Player Name No. Grade Hgt Pos. School Name City / State

1. Kevin Fee 35 9th 5-11 G/F East Hampton HS Montauk, NY

2. Nathan Scott 25 9th 5-10 G/F Walled Lake Western Ypsilanti, MI

3. Richard Jones Jr. 14 8th 5-1 G Trenton Catholic Academy Trenton, NJ

4. Derek Buono 15 9th 5-2 G Nyack MS Cottage, NY

5. Jonah Lacey 30 8th 5-9 G Fieldstone MS Cove, NY

1. Tasos Filippou 50 12th 6-5 F Costeos Geitonos School Atheens, Greece

2. Christian Roberts 40 11th 6-1 G/F Hackensack HS Hackensack, NJ

3.Kris Anderson 42 12th 6-1 G/F Delsea HS Franklinville, NJ

4. Juwan Gooding 32 10th 5-11 G The MacDuffie School Boston, MA

5. Labis Filippou 31 11th 6-0 G Costeos Geitonos School Atheens, Greece

Alt. Julian Levy 22 8th 5-5 G Albertus Magnus HS Spring Valley, NY

COACH Santonio Gooding SCHOOL MASS. Expressions


Player Name No. Grade Hgt Pos. School Name City / State

1. Isaiah Hippolyte 40 9th 6-3 F Pomona MS Spring Valley, NY

2. Blake Ely 25 9th 5-10 G Walled Lake Western HS Novi, MI

3. Myles Ruth 22 7th 5-1 G WOK Hillside, NJ

4. Kyle Gold 3 8th 4-10 G East Hampton HS Hampton, NY

5. Evan Locke 25 9th 5-2 G Heritage MS Livingston, NJ

1. Johnny Hilaire 42 10th 6-5 F Lynn English HS Lynn, MA

2. Dairoby Taveras 43 12th 6-3 F Long Island City HS Brooklyn, NY

3. Greg Mah 32 11th 6-0 G Chatham HS Chatham, NJ

4. Joseph Moran 33 10th 6-0 G Churchill School and Center New York, NY

5. Keith Braxton 45 11th 6-2 G Delsea HS Glassboro, NJ

Alt. Peter Mahotiere 34 12th 6-1 G Princeton HS Princeton, NJ

COACH Al Barbosa SCHOOL LaSalle Academy

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The evening of Day 3 ended with another close game between the Lakers and the Celtics. From the beginning of the game it seemed the Celtics wouldn’t be a match for the Lakers but that turned out to be completely wrong. The Lakers turned up their defense and caused plenty of turnovers. At that point Keith Braxton (Delsea) made a couple of explosive fast break dunks which helped inspire his team to pick it up and run away with the game. It seemed that the game would be a landslide but the Lakers stuck with it and came within two points. The unlikely hero for the Lakers was Christian Roberts (Hackensack High School) who made two clutch free throws to ice the game and give the Lakers the victory and right to be named champions, 65-61.

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The eager campers on Day 3 jumped off to a great start at their stations which included Rebounding, Screening, Foot work, and Game Condition Dribbling. The campers showed great intensity and gave their all in the morning session with Johnny Hilaire (Woburn, MA) leading the way at the Rebounding station where he showed off his great bouncing ability and his good positioning to get rebounds. Zaire Rogers (Houston, TX) has improved his ball handling in the 3 days that he’s been here and it was obvious watching him in the Condition Dribbling station. Little guy Chris White (Paramus, NJ) is everything but little while on the court. At the Screening station, it was evident that he does not mind doing the dirty work which makes him an important player on his team. Without proper foot work, the game of Basketball won’t be any easier. Someone who did very well at the Foot work station was Max Peguero (Hariman, NY) which at one point during the drill was used as an example to show the proper way to move through the course. Stations are always fun to watch but lets see how well these up and comers do in real game situations.

The afternoon session of Day 3 was one to remember thanks to the 2 magnificent semifinals games that took place between the Lakers/Heat and the Spurs/Celtics. In the first game, Celtics leader Max Peguero (Hariman, NY), seemed to not be able to miss any of the shots he had taken. His scoring was over the top but what made things even better was his ability to get right back on defense and help make the stops necessary to maintain the slim lead they had throughout much of the first 3 quarters. The Spurs, trailing for the most part of the game, would make a strong comeback thanks to the great determination and will that was shown by Myles McDermott (Milton, MA). McDermott never took a play-off while on the floor and was the deciding force that helped the Spurs get back in the game to take the lead eventually resulting in a 57-51 victory.
The second game of the afternoon was a nail biter between the Lakers vs. the Heat. From the opening tip to the ending whistle, both teams played a very up-tempo, hard-nosed style of basketball which isn’t often seen. Scoring fluctuated back and forth but maintained dominance throughout due to the Lakers skilled one two punch of Joowan Gooding (Milton, Ma) and Brandon Foster (Morovis). Gooding displayed great ball control and even better decision making, such as finding a great scorer in Foster which would prove to be very important for the outcome of the game. As well as the Lakers did scoring the ball, the Heat kept playing their style of basketball and stayed in the game thanks to the great all around playing of Christian Denis (Brooklyn, NY), whose strongest attributes was his rebounding skills. With seven seconds left and the Lakers thinking the victory was in the bag, Gregory Mah (Chatham, NJ) received a great pass that found him open for a buzzer beating 3-pointer forcing overtime, just adding to the great game he had all around. The Overtime quarter was definitely necessary for this intense game but the spark faded rather quickly for the Heat where Gooding would take over and lead the Lakers on to victory, 61-53.
Rebounding Station with Coach Eford

Footwork Station with Coach Martins

Passing Station with Coach Jamison

Dribbling Station with Coach Newberg

Dribbling Station with Coach Newberg

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