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Duncanville, TX is home to three Five-Star Basketball Camps, it’s 2012 debut was this weekend at the Duncanville  Field House.    

Standing out at this Five-Star Camp is the quality, excitement and focus of the participants; taught by some of the best coaches around.  Participants leave each station better than when they started. The coaches give each camper 110 percent, and the players couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

“Coming into the camp I needed to improve defensively and I feel like the station drills are helping me do just that, “said Byron Smith , a 17 year old Jr.
The caliber of coaches chosen to lead each station is impressive. Coaches like Anthony Anderson and Adam Demorest who both have taught on the collegiate level.
“The most important thing is getting the fundamentals down first, that enhances their ability to be able to read the defense, and give them the upper hand on the competition, because now they can know exactly what their reading, said coach Anderson.
With just under a hundred participants there are  great opportunities for individual attention and improvement.

“This camp rivals the same sort of experience that a USA basketball would put on in Colorado Springs, where you have maybe 60 kids tops and you put them through a very rigorous training program,” said Leigh Klein, CEO of Five Star Basketball.

Through the first 2 days of the camp, the drills have been intense and major improvement is evident. “This camp has really pushed to give it my all even when I’m tired,” said 17 year old Guard Tm Boyd and the help he is finding is making a definite difference in his game.

Coaches have drafted their individual teams and all this individual improvement ensures competitive and exciting games for the rest of the camp. After the regular season, the Magic were the lone undefeated.  Playoffs are upon us and the action is getting fierce.

Check with us later for camp updates, awards and trophies.


Camp standouts:

Byron Smith               6’6   2014  Oscar Dean Wyatt

Tim Boyd                    5’11  2013  Conway HS (AR)

Kendrick Salone        5’9   2013 Oscar Dean Wyatt



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(Below)- Orange All-Stars

Coach- Dion Byrd East Longmeadow HS

Sam Blake-6’3-F-2013-East Longmeadow,MA

Luis Rodrigues-6’1-Combo-2013-East Longmeadow,MA

Jaylen Franklin-5’10-PG-2015-East Longmeadow,MA

Gary Edwards-6’5-F-2012-Cambridge Rindge & Latin, MA

Patrick Davis-6’1-G-2016-St Johns Prep Danvers,MA

Griffin Fitzell-5’9-G-2016-South Hadley,MA

(Below) White All-Stars

Coach- Jimmy Mack-Springfield College

Josh Bosworth–6’4-G/F-2013-East Longmeadow, MA

Troy DaCosta-6’3-F-2012-Cambridge Rindge & Latin, MA

Jonathan Perez-6’1-G-2013-Lowell, MA

Maleek McClaren-5’11-G-Wincheden Prep

Ricky Dixon-5’10-G-Putnam HS, Springfield,MA

Liam Harris-5’8-G-2015-Cork,Ireland


(Below)- League Champs- Celtics-Coach-Dion Byrd- Players- Jonathan Perez,Gary Edwards,Ricky Dixon,Kaleb Hunter-Simms, Nate Lindsay,Jackson Reaper, Chris White, Ronan Schwarz, Aaron Taft, Mark Speight

(Below)- 6th Man- Chris White-5’9-G-2016-Westfield HS,MA

(Below)- Mr Station 13- Sam Geschickter-F-6’2-2015-Brookline,MA

(Below)- Mr Stations- Griffin Fitzell-5’9-G-2016-South Hadley,MA

(Below)- Best Rebounder- Troy DaCosta-6’3-F-2012-Cambridge Rindge & Latin, MA

(Below)- Most Improved- Patrick Davis-6’1-G-2016-St Johns Prep Danvers,MA

(Below) Best Playmaker-Josh Bosworth-6’4-G/F-2013-East Longmeadow, MA

(Below)- Best Defender-Sam Blake aka “Mr Giggles”-F-6’3-2013-East Longmeadow,MA

(Below)- Most Promising Prospect- Luis Rodrigues-6’1-Combo-2013-East Longmeadow,MA

(Below)- MOP & Playoff MVP- Jonathan Perez-6’1-G-2013-Lowell, MA


(Below)- League Champs- UCLA- Coach-John Zall-Players- Jared Groff, Marcus Filien, Kyle Both, Ethan Cook, Kai Norwood, Logan Higgins, Jordan Wiggins, Nick Poitras and Isiah Robless

(Below)- Mr Station 13- Luke Capiobianco-7th-Milford, MA

(Below)- Mr Stations- Ethan Cook-8th- Dunstable, MA

(Below)- Best Rebounder- Jens Verderber-7th-Fairfield, VT

(Below)- Most Improved- Andrew Taft-6th- Springfield, MA

(Below)- 6th Man- Torin Bosworth-4th-East Longmeadow,MA

(Below)- Best Defender- Tariq Green-8th-Springfield, MA

(Below)- Best Playmaker- Jared Groff- 7th-PG-5’5-Weston,MA

(Below)- Playoff MVP-Marcus Filien-7th-Albany,NY

(Below)-Andrew Geschickter-7th-Brookline,MA

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Day 3 at the birthplace of basketball brought stations, playoff games and the NBA All-Star game.

(Below)-Lets start with some station pics from the NCAA

(Below) NCAA game pics

(Below) NBA Station pics

(Below) NBA playoff pics



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The Birthplace of Basketball is home to 4 5Star camps this summer, 3 boys and 1 girls sessions. The June 20-24 session is  the first of the summer at Springfield College and features the boys.  With temps soaring in the upper 90’s the first two days, Gatorade was there to keep the campers hydrated throughout the day and evening.

Here are some pics from day 1 & 2



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(Below)- Orange All Stars

Coach- Jason Wingate

Marquis Davis-5’10-PG-2016- Kolbe Cathedral-Bridgeport CT

Patrick Murray-5’9-SG-2015-Fordham Prep-Bronx, NY

Jase Wickliffe-6’0-OG-2016-Wilcox HS-Santa Clara, CA

Nicholas Schuermann-6’1-PF-2016-Dwight Englwood-Englewood,NJ

Doug Lowrey-6’4-F-2016-Foreman HS-Chicago, IL

Darius Isom-5’5-G-2017-St Joes- New York,NY

Julian Payton-5’6-G-2016-Bishop Gorman- Las Vegas,NV

Tyler Maynes-5’7-G-2017-Iona Grammer-New Rochelle,NY

(Below)- White All Stars

Coach- Pete Vincent

Maxwell Chester-5’10-PG-2016-Undecided-Atlanta,GA

Tavari Davis-5’9-SG-2016-Kolbe Cathedral-Bridgeport,CT

Jonathan Porter-5’10-OG-2014-Poly Prep-Bronx,NY

Jack  Maghak-5’10-OG-2016-Fordham Prep-Bronx, NY

Jakari Smith-6’3-F-2016-Foreman HS-Chicago,IL

Anthony Fino-5’8-G-2016-Stepinac HS-White Plains,NY

Spencer Curto-5’7-G-2016-Iona Grammer-New Rochelle, NY

Brian Rios-5’8-g-2017-Luiz Munoz Rivera-San Juan,Puerto Rico

Jackie Mishon-6’0-SG-2017-Yeshiva of Flatbush-Brooklyn, NY


(Below)-Orange All Stars

Coach-Al Barbosa

Muhammed Bah-6’8-F-2014-Lee Academy,ME

Chris Burkey-6’0-G-Harbor Fields-Long Island,NY

Karon Linton-Foreman HS-Chicago,IL

Adrian Olivera-6’0-G-2013-Brimmer & May-Boston,MA

Emmanuel McNeil-6’4-G/F-2013-LaSalle Academy-New York,NY

Rashaun Holloway-Schalick HS-Pittsgrove,NJ

Cedric Cashmere-5’8-G-Trinity Catholic-Stamford,CT

Sam Blake-6’2-G-2013-East Longmeadow HS, East Longmeadow,MA

Brian Reese-6’3-G/F-New Rochelle HS-New Rochelle, NY

Dedrick Byrd-6’1-G-Foreman HS-Chicago, IL

Mike Bernard-6’0-G-2013-Evander Childs-Bronx,NY

John Perez-6’0-G-Lowell HS-Lowell, MA

(Below)-White All Stars

Coach- Carlos Enriquez

Horace Spencer-6’7-F-2015-William Tenant-Warminster,PA

Aaron Calixte-5’10-G-2014-Staughten HS-Staughten, MA

Steven Jean-Baptiste-Our Savior New American-Long Island,NY

Luis Rodrigues-6’1-2014-East Longmeadow HS-East Longmeadow,MA

Ahmad Gilbert-6’4-G/F-Constitutions HS-Philly, PA

Patrick Mekongo-Pope John HS-Sparta,NJ

Bryce Aiken-5’7-G-2016-Pope John HS-Sparta,NJ

Chris Bolden-6’4-F-Foreman HS-Chicago,IL

Carl White-6’7-F-Foreman HS-Chicago, IL

Sal Barbetto-5’8-G-Clarkstown North, Rockland, NY

Tremont Waters-5’9’G-2016-Green Farms Academy-Westport,CT

Francisco Rios-Pope John HS-Sparta,NJ


(Below)-MOP & Best Defender- Marquis Davis-2016-Kolbe Cathedral-Bridgeport,CT

(Below)-Mr Stations-Jase Wickliffe-6’0-OG-2016-Wilcox HS-Santa Clara, CA

(Below)-Orange & White Classic MVP-Patrick Murray-5’9-SG-2015-Fordham Prep-Bronx, NY

(Below)-Playoff MVP-Maxwell Chester-5’10-PG-2016-Undecided-Atlanta,GA

(Below)-6th Man-Ian Podalsky-Trevor Day School-New York,NY

(Below)-Best Playmaker-Julian Payton-5’6-G-2016-Bishop Gorman- Las Vegas,NV

(Below)-Mr Station 13-Matt Cooper-2018-Iona Grammer

(Below)-Best Rebounder-Doug Lowrey-6’4-F-2016-Foreman HS-Chicago, IL

3on3 Champs- Alberto Arocho-Nuriden Wilkerson, Bryan Rios

(Below)-League Champs- UCLA-Coach Pete Vincent

(Below)-MOP,Best Rebounder and Orange & White Classic MVP- Muhammed Bah-6’8-F-2014-Lee Academy,ME

(Below)-Most Promising Prospect- Horace Spencer-6’7-F-2015-William Tenant-Warminster,PA

(Below)-Mr Stations- Sam Blake-6’2-G-2013-East Longmeadow HS, East Longmeadow,MA

(Below)-3on3 Champs-Matt Zignorski,Mike Bronzo,Mike Holloway and Steph Okoro

Mr Stations- Touree Frazier

(Below)-Most Improved- Conner Murphy, Shareef Jackson

Best Playmaker- Bryce Aiken-5’7-G-2016-Pope John HS-Sparta,NJ

Best Defender- Sal Barbetto-5’8-G-Clarkstown North, Rockland, NY

6th Man- Franciso Hernandez

Playoff MVP-Marcus Gatlin

(Below)-League Champs- Coach-Carlos Enriquez

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In the home stretch ,Day 3 brought early morning stations,and NCAA & NBA first round playoff games.

Players to watch-

(Below)- Adrian Olivera-6’1- 2013- Brimmer& May School, MA

(Below)- Bryce Aiken-5’7-2016- Pope John- Sparta NJ

(Below)- Tremont Waters- 5’9-2017- Green Farms Academy, CT

(Below)- Ahmad Gilbert- 6’4-2015- Constitution HS, PA

(Below)- Mohamed Bah-6’9-2013- Lee Academic, ME

(Below)-  Horace Spencer -6’9 -2015 – William Tennant HS, PA 

(Below) Aaron Calixte- 5’11-PG-2013-Stoughton, MA


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Back in the Bronx for the first of two sessions at Fordham University, the second July 11-14 which is a new added week for the 2012 summer. The talent isnt as deep as usual with alot of  New York kids still finishing up school and taking regents. But that didnt stop talent from Massachusetts to Maryland and as far away as Chicago and Las Vegas from attending. This session brought out Bobby Gonzales as the Station13 master, HSBI’s Tom Konchalski, a former NBA players point gaurd son, plus several media outlets.

(below)- Bobby Gonzales and Terry Head


(Below) -The Glove 2? We wont get ahead of ourselves, but Julian Payton looks to have a bright future in the game of basketball.

Random pics fromDay 1&2

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