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***** NBA ALL-STARS*****

(Below) NBA Orange All-Stars

Coach- Mark Sevedge-St Laurence HS

Darius Wells-5’8-South Elgin,IL-2014

Zack Glotta-5’10-Fort Zumwalt, Mo-2015

Chris Craig-6’2-Marshall,IL-2013

Luke Vonboxel-6’1-Providence,MI-2014

Brandon Mahone-5’8-Marshall, IN-2012

Noah King-6’2-University Detroit Jesuit-2014

Sean Clarey-62- Brookfield, WI-2014

Aaron Rosen-6’4-New Trier, IL-2013

Adonis Palomino-5’9-Churchhill, Canada-2014

Korbin McClain-6’3- Marshall, Chicago-2012

Joc Breeding-5’11-Marshall, IN-2012

(Below)  NBA White All-Stars

Coach- Andre Bell-Trinity Valley CC-Athens, TX

Eric Critteden-6’6-Marion HS, IL-2012

Terrell Murdaugh-5’11-Walter Murray, Canada-2012

Will Rahuba- 5’11-Central Catholic, IL-2014

Jordan Tribbet-5’8-Landphier,IL-2015

Maleek Catchings- 6’3- Wheeler, GA-2014

Brandon McClendon-6’3-South Elgin,IL-2012

Anthony Tyler-6’5-Forest Lake, MN-2013

Jake Esp-6’4- Marmion-2015

Jaron Randall-5’4- Morgan Park, IL-2016

Lonell Williams-5’11-Foreman HS,IL-2015

Matt Cordan-5’5-Libertyville-2015


Tournament Champs(below)- Bulls- Coach Mark Sevedge ( St. Laurence HS)

Mr Stations(below)-Adonis Palomino-Churchhill HS, Canada-2014

6tth Man(below)- Jordan Tribbet-Landphier HS,IL-2014

Best Defender(below)-Brandon McClendon-South Elgin, IL-2012

Most Improved(below)-Nojel Eastern-Chut MS,IL-2017

Playoff MVP(below)-Chris Craig-Chicago, IL-2012

All-Star MVP(below)-Korbin McClain-Chicago Marshall,IL-2013(12pts,8Rebs)

Best Playmaker(below)-Jaron Randall-Morgan Park HS, Chicago,IL-2017

Best Rebounder-Kevin Simes

Most Promising Prospect(below)-University Detroit Jesuit

MOP-(below)- Terrell Murdaugh-Walter Murray, Canada-2012

3on3 Champs- Terrence Ellis-6’0-Seton Academy,IL-2015, John Radner-5’9-Berkley HS-Detroit,MI-2015, Anthony Tyler-6’5-Forest Lake,MN-2013

***** NCAA ALL-STARS*****

(Below) NCAA Orange All-Stars

Coach- Nate Schmidt

Alex Morris-8th-Thomas Metcalf MS-Bloominton,IL

Booker Donelson-8th-Infant Jesus Prague- Chicago,IL

Donyell Marshall-8th-Brady MS- Cleveland, OH

Tyler Reinhardt-8th-Slinger MS-Milwaukee,WI

Jeremy Gaines-8th-Brooks MS-Oak Park,IL

Shakur Jinad-8th-Colin Powell MS-Mattison, IL

Kris Butler-8th-Kenwood Academy-Chicago,IL

Gavin Wagner-7th-Clarendon Hills MS- Clarendon Hills,IL

(Below) NCAA White All-Stars

Coach- Marcellus Brown

John Rave-8th-Holy Trinity Catholic MS-Bloomington, IL

Joshua Hardy-8th-Infant Jesus Prague- Country Club Hills, IL

Fenton Hyacinthe- 8th-Maple Grove Jr HS-Maple Grove, MN

Cameron Simmons- 7th-News Augusta North MS-Indianapolis, IN

Jayland Peterson-6th-South Loop Elementary-Chicago,IL

Jordan Kennedy-7th-McCracken MS-Evanston,IL

Christian Davis-8th-Pleasantdale MS-BurrRidge, IL

Quinn Andrews-8th-Francis Xavier Ward MS-Chicago,IL


Tournament Champs(below)-Arizona-Coach Nate Schmidt

Mr Station(below)-TJ Decesare

Mr Station 13- Michael Rogers

6th Man(below)- Christain Brookens

Best Defender(below)- Jaylen Peterson

Best Rebounder(below)- Fenton Hyacinthe

Best Playmaker(below)- Tyler Reinhardt

Most Improved(below)- Booker Donelson

Playoff MVP(below)- Cameron Simmons

All-Star MVP(below)- John Rave

MOP(below)- Alex Morris


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Day 3 here at Lewis and its been a good one. Here are some pics from todays stations and games.

(Below)- Station pics, these kids really worked their behinds off this week  and it has showed.

(Below)- Coach Pat Clarey(Brookfield Academy) looks on during his station

(Below) Put ya hands up, Coach Andre Bell ( Trinity Valley CC, Athens TX) always goes hard when demonstrating drills

(Below) Argentina passing drill great for building stamina and always fun to watch

(Below) NBA and NCAA playoffs tip-off

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Back to Lewis for our second session this summer and our biggest camp here to date. An exceptional group of high school coaches have really brought this camp to a new level.

Here are some station pics of the first 2 days.

(Below)- Coach Chaz Taft (South Elgin HS) makes sure the campers are doing the drill correctly…

(Below)- Coach Charles”MadDog” Glotta ( Fort Zumwalt North HS)shows how to play defense against Joc Breeding of Indianapolis

(Below)-random game pics from NBA and NCAA games today…

(Below)- Did he get the timeout or did the ref call it a jump ball

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The first day of the second Florida Session at UCF turned in over 100 campers. The competition was jam-packed and the campers came out of the gate looking to prove themselves. There was very little room for error in the try-out games night one.  We saw that the kids had come to camp with a will to play hard every second they were here, and so far they have brought it to every station, drill and game they have played.

The early favorite in the NBA division seems to be the Celtics who have ran through every team they have played.  Led by Melvin Davis and Joe Gayles, a duo that has yet to be stopped in this short regular season. This short season has been an exciting one with two of the eight games already played being won on last second buzzer beaters. We will see what happens as the season progresses and we move closer to the playoffs and seeding.  As it usually does here at Five-Star seeding could be decided by our Situation Tournament.

A special treat we do have at this camp is our very own strength & conditioning coach, Carlo Voltolini, from the Italian Leagues AC Siena Basketball Club.  He has ran station 14 and really given these kids a workout.  They have learned multiple drills, stretches and workouts that they will be able to take home with them; that way they will continue to be able to work on their agility, speed and quickness.  ( Earvin Darby Seen Below)

Each camper has so far been “all-in” as we like to call it at Five-Star; making sure that each second on the court is not wasted, and each time they leave the hardwood they take something away from their experience.

Some notable players to look out for so far:

NCAA- Diego Poore

NBA- Melvin Davis

NBA- Joe Gayles

NBA- Earvin Darby

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Day three is the true test here at Five-Star camp.  It is not only the physical aspect to overcome but the mental one as well, how will you face your body telling you to stop; Will you stop or keep going?  The fact is that is a crucial day due to the high stakes.  Playoffs are going on, win and you advance lose and your seasons over; also looming is the possible selection to the Orange & White Classic All-Star team.  

This session was dominated by one team, the Celtics. They hadn’t lost a game all camp and in the playoff the story was no different.  The Celtics cruised through the playoffs on their way to the camp championship , where they showed their dominance over the __________. Lead by Melvn Davis and Joe Gayles along with strong supporting cast, they were a team that couldn’t be stopped.

In the NCAA division we saw some real promising prospects throughout camp; with names like Diego Poore, Remy Santos and Lawon Tyler.  These could be the names that we are speaking about for the NBA division of Five-Star in the future. 

Overall we had a solid group of campers with tons of untapped potential.  Each and every camper came ready to play and work hard each and every day and there simply was no quit in this group.  

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The first day of the third Florida Session at UCF was a packed house; with over 110 girls and boys combined. The competition seemed to be elevated from the previous session. This session had something the previous was lacking, some exceptional young talent; in the first day we had brought up a couple of players from the NCAA Division.

Early in the second the Suns looked to be the favorite in the NBA division with the names of Stacey Thomas and 6’5 Jacob Kessler.  But as the games began to play out it seemed that the Heat were to be the new favorites with small, but explosive, playmaking guard, Angel Rivera; at that point it was clear that height was not necessarily need to win games.  As the rest of the games are played out we will shortly see who will be the number one seed in the Day 3 playoffs, but does that really mean they are the best? I think not.

For the second session we had Strength and Conditioning Coach Carlo Voltolini, from the Italian Leagues AC Siena Basketball Club.  He has ran station 14 and helped push the campers to their full athletic potential. He has also helped to better prepare the campers for games and stations post-meal. After breakfast, lunch and dinner Carlo is vital in preparing the kids bodies to perform at their peak after downtime.

After the situation tournament is played we will break any ties that are left for seeding, then proceed the the playoffs where we will crown our Champion!!

Some notable players to look out for so far:

Angel Rivera

Stacy Thomas

Joey Maloney

Alton Gatling

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The second Five-Star camp at Springfield College this summer comes to an end and here are the Award Winners and All-Stars

Next Sessions at Springfield College July 31st- August 3rd- Women’s camp August 4th-7th


Orange All-Stars (below)-

Coach- Dave Dubuc ( South Hadley HS)

#10-Pepe Degandann- 5’8- Spain

#11-Tyler Sullivan-5’9-Arlington HS

#20-DArmond Player- 5’11-Hemingway HS, SC

#21-Francisco Goni- 6’2-Spain

#22-Laura Marcos-5’10- Spain

#23-Ryan Watt-6’2-American School in London

#32-Roger Paul- 6’1-West Roxbury HS

#33-Alvaro Merino-6’0-Spain

#34-Juan Calderon- 6’1-Spain

#35-Kyle Small-6’2

#44-Manuel Miranda-6’4-Spain

White All-Stars(below)-

Coach- Shalka Rivera ( Cathedral HS)

#10-Bennett Grigull- 6’1

#11-Mikee Dosado-5’9-Vanier College

#20-Tyler Roberts-6’0- Everett HS

#21-Claudia Baraut-6’1-Spain

#22-Donyell Cuevas-5’11-Amherst HS,MA

#23-Jorge Herrera-6’2- Spain

#32-Josh Bosworth-6’3-East Longmeadow HS, MA

#33-James Beard-5’11-Winchendon Prep

#34-Gonzalo Orenga-6’2-Spain

#35-Brendan Abad-6’2-Longmeadow HS

#44-Troy Dacosta-6’4-Cambridge Ringe & Latin


Best Playmaker (below)-Laura Marcos-5”6-Maristas-Spain

Most Promising Prospect (below)- Marina Ramon-6’1-Amor de Dios-Spain

Most Promising Prospect (below)- Claudia Baraut-6’1-Jes Joan Brudieu-Spain


League Champs(below)-KINGS-Coach Dave Dubuc

Best Rebounder(below)-Troy Dacosta-Cambridge Ringe & Latin

Best Defender(below)-Alvaro Merino-6’2-Spain

Best Playmaker(below)-Mikey Dosado-5’9-Vanier College

Most Improved(below)-Yuri Rubel-5’6-Spain

6th Man(below)-Pedro Guadero-6’2-Spain

Mr Stations(below)-Brendan Abad-Longmeadow HS

Mr Station 13(below)-Cole Gallant-Hollis Brookline HS

Playoff MVP- DArmond Player-Hemingway HS, SC

O/W Classic MVP(below)-Roger Paul-West Roxbury HS-17pts

Most Promising Prospect(below)-Manuel Miranda(Spain)

MOP(below)-Roger Paul-West Roxbury HS

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