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Greetings from Romeoville Illinois home of  Lewis University and during the summer Five-Star Basketball Camp…

Lots going on as usual at Five Star, here’s a taste of what camp has to offer..first lets start with what makes Five Star the best in the business when it comes to basketball instruction…stations (pics below)

(below) a camper demonstrates for the others as Coach Terry Head (Foreman HS)watches to make sure he runs the drill properly

(below) Coach George Leonard(Rich East HS) shows how to come off the screen and receive the pass for the lay up

One of  my personal favorites the Fast Break Station, where each league is split up and with a points system for made baskets, rebounds, blocks, steals, charges and two 30 minute half’s in which each team plays both offense and defense makes for an exciting game.

(below)- pics from the NCAA  Fast Break Station

(above)  Here NCAA coaches talk strategy in the final minutes of a close game, White was down by as many as 30 and took the lead for a short time but Orange came out the winner 147-143.

Seeing as there is no way they would be able to drill all day, Five Star does throw some regular season and playoff games in throughout the day to keep it interesting. It all leads to an eventual league championship team and playoff MVP.

(below)- random regular season game pics for the NBA and NCAA leagues.


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The Fieldhouse in Duncanville, TX is hosting Five-Star for our first Texas session of 2011. We will be back here for July 12-15 after our big Southwest camp at Baylor University in Waco July 5-8.

Special thanks to Fieldhouse staffers Angie Henley, Keith Howell and Shane Gravens for their help hosting us in this state of the art, air conditioned facility.

Day 1 & 2 featured a number of talented players that were clearly dedicated to working on their game and getting prepared for the upcoming July exposure events. One of Five-Star’s mantras is”When it comes time for exposure, make sure that you are not exposed,” these campers are doing their part to be ready for July.

Campers were treated to a mix of veteran Five-Star staff members with a few rookies with NBA playing experience and a couple of current Division I players.

Adam Demorest Teaching "The Art of Running the Break"

Coach Demorest working on getting open with TCU guard Ronnie Moss

Eastern New Mexico's Senior Tyler Jefferson Demonstrating The Outlet Pass & Running the Break

Five-Star Vet LeVon "Bad News" Barnes

Congrats to Lejon Wright on his new Head Girls Coaching Gig!

Welcome to Five-Star former Laker and Tulsa standout Shea Seals

Justin Smith dropping Hoop Knowledge on his young squad

Texas State manager Alvis Dunlap on the Whistle...MVP of the camp so far...let's see how the rookie finishes.

Rookie Five-Star trainer Sheri Myrick has been a fine addition to the staff

Two players had great days today and were recognized for their efforts. Jataveon Green and Cooper Raith brought home the Gatorade Players of the Day awards.

Coach Barnes with Cooper Raiff and Coach Seals with Jataveon Green

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MOP(below)- A.J. Pettway

3on3 Champs(below)- Nathaniel Hale, Dominic

Santinello ,Kirk Augustus, Kendall Baldwin

6th Man(below)- Oliver Booth

Best Rebounder (below)-Marcus Filien

Mr Station- Paul Durkee

Station 13- Kendall Baldwin

Best Defender- Kirk Augustus

Best Playmaker- Jack Taitel

Most Improved- Jake Topel

O/W Classic MVP- Griffen Fitzell

***** NCAA ALL-STARS*****

Orange All-Stars

Coach: Art Thomas

#10- Sam Mack-4’9-PG-Sherwood MS, MA- rising 6th

#11-AJ Pettway-5’2-PG-Sullivan MS, MA- rising 8th

#20-Jake Topel-5’11-C-St Mary, MA-rising 8th

#21-Paul Speliakos-4’10-SG-Stacey MS- rising 6th

#22-Robert McMillian-5’1-SG-ACS, Alaska-rising 7th

#23-Jake Taital-4’8-PG/SG-Sherwood MS,MA-rising 6th

#32-Marcus Filien-5’6-C-Goff MS,NY-rising 6th

#33-Kendall Baldwin-5’6-PG-St Mikes,MA-rising 8th

White All-Stars

Coach:  Santonio”Pumpkin”Gooding

#10-Torin Bosworth-4’0-PG/SG-EL,MA-rising 3rd

#11-Kirk Augustus-5’5-SG-Stem Middle Academy,MA-rising 8th

#20-Malcolm Little-4’10-SG-Sutton MS,MA-rising 6th

#21-Oliver Booth-5’8-F-Roxbury Latin,MA-rising 7th

#22-Paul Durkee-5’7-PF-Sherwood MS,MA-rising 6th

#23-Dominic Santinello-5’1-PG-Gleenbrook MS,MA-rising 8th

#32-Griffen Fitzell-5’6-PG-Michael E Smith,MA-rising 8th

#33-Nathaniel Hale-5’0-SF-Stacey MS,MA-rising 6th


MOP(below)-Troy DaCosta-6’3

Playoff MVP(below)- Sam Blake-6’1-East Longmeadow,MA-2013

Mr Stations & Station 13(below)- Jack Alberding-5’8

Best Rebounder(below)- Zack Ayers-6’8

Best Defender- Corey Parker

Most Improved-Adam Floyd-6’0

6th Man- Avon”Shinky” White, Genesis Grady

NBA League Champs(below)- CAVS

Coach: Shalka Rivera

*****NBA ALL-STARS*****

Orange All-Stars(below)

                           Troy DaCosta, Josh Bosworth, Sam Blake, Corey Parker

White All-Stars(below)

Norris Cueves, Donovan Bennett, Gary Edwards, Zack Ayers, Ryan DiBernardo

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The first of  four sessions at Springfield College this year including one girls camp, kicked off despite the campus sustaining damage to several dorms from the June 1st tornado that ravaged the area.

Five-Star owner Leigh Klein reached out to Cathedral High School basketball players whose school was  damaged by the storm so  badly that they are looking for a temporary facility to keep the school open in the fall and practically gave them free tuition for the session.

Below:  pics from the first 2 days

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Carolina Courts (Charlotte, NC) Day 3 and 4

Playoffs, All-Stars and Awards

Four days of intense skill development was highlighted by two unbelievable semi-final games in the NBA division. Every camper competed and played very hard with the mission of sending their team to the camp final. Both games went into overtime with one needing double OT to decide the winner. (that’s why we have a draft…)

The final was almost anticlimactic as the Knicks captured the championship led by Coach Mike Quinn (Waccamach HS, Pawley’s Island, SC).

NBA CHAMPS: Knicks with Coach Quinn

NBA CHAMPS: KNICKS: Peter Rathmell, Jordan Hanner, Colby Norris, De’Jan Frazier, Chris Rieger, AJ Grant, Jordan Sanders, Rob Feraro, Chad Thomas

In the NCAA division,  Waccamaw HS assistant coach  Darryel Carr led his
North Carolina squad to the championship.

NCAA Champs: UNC, led by Coach Carr

NCAA CHAMPS: UNC: Brendan Carraway, Matthew Wunder, Michael Phillips, Josh Caldwell, Darrion Underwood, Jonathan Marlowe, David Caraher, Elliott Venable, Morgan Jones, Marcus Wright





NO.         NAME                                                     HT           YR           SCHOOL, CITY, STATE


44            BRANDON CLYBURN                     6’7”         SR           DUDLEYHS, GREENSBORO, NC

34            BRANDON PICOW                             6’4”         SR         HAMMOND SCHOOL, COLUMBIA, SC  

33            DARRYL GREER                                 5’10”       SO           PEACHTREE RIDGE HS, SUWANEE, GA

35            MYLUF SUTTON                                6’’5”       SO           NORTHSIDE HS, FT. WAYNE, IN

10            TANNER COSTINE (NCAA)        4’10”       8TH         CLEVELAND MS, GARNER, NC

23            CHANDLER GOODSON                  6’5”         JR           PROVIDENCE HS, CHARLOTTE, NC

22            TAYLOR NEAL                                   6’4”         JR           MARVIN RIDGE HS, WAXHAW, NC

11            JUAN MUNOZ                                       5’7”         8TH         MILLS PARK MS,CARY, NC

21            JORDAN HANNER                            5’10”       SR           SW GUILFORD HS, HIGH POINT, NC

32            CHRIS RIEGER                                   6’1”         JR           PROVIDENCE HS, CHARLOTTE, NC

20            DAVID CARAHER  (NCAA)       5’10”       7TH         CHAPEL HILL, NC


Orange All-Stars



 NO.         NAME                                                     HT           YR           SCHOOL, CITY, STATE

 23            JAKE TURNER                                  5’11”       SO           CLAYTON HS, CLAYTON, NC

35            CAZMON HAYES                              6’3”         JR           PHILLIP O’BERRY HS, CHARLOTTE, NC

34            TRACEY GATHINGS                     6’4”         SR           SMITH HS, GREENSBORO, NC

33            TERRELL LEACH                             5’11”       JR           SW GUILFORD HS, HIGH POINT, NC

11            JAYLON HATTON                              6’0”         SR           WINSTON SALEM PREP, WINSTON SALEM, NC

22            DAVID OGELSBY (NCAA)            6’1”         FR           CEDAR RIDGE HS, HILLSBOROUGH, NC

32            JEREMY HOBBS                                  6’0”         SRCHARTER SCHOOL FOR  MATH & SCIENCE, CHARLESTON, SC

44            PETER RATHMELL                           6’7”         JR           CARRBORO HS, CARRBORO, NC

20            DE’JAN FRAZIER                                 5’10”       SR           WACCAMAW HS, PAWLEY’S ISLAND, SC

21            AJ GRANT                                                   5’9”         SR           WACCAMAW HS, PAWLEY’S ISLAND, SC

10            MORGAN JONES (NCAA)                 5’8”         8TH         DURHAM ACADEMY, DURHAM, NC


White All-Stars




3 on 3 CHAMPS: Terrell Leach, Brandon Picow, Jordan Green

Terrell Leach, Brandon Picow, Jordan Green

6TH MAN: Rob Feraro

Rob Feraro


Cazmon Hayes

PLAYOFF MVP: Jordan Hanner

Jordan Hanner


Terell Leach


De'Jan Frazier

BEST REBOUNDER: Staycee Broomfield

Staycee Broomfield


AJ Grant

MR. STATION 13: Taylor Neal

Taylor Neal

MOST IMPROVED: Brandon Clyburn

Brandon Clyburn

MOST PROMISING: Juan Munoz & Cazmon Hayes

Juan Munoz and Cazmon Hayes


Jordan Hanner


3 ON 3 CHAMPS: Brent Carraway, Jordan Diggs, Raphael Sebastian

Brent Carraway, Jordan Diggs, Raphael Sebastian

MR STATION 13: Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones

MR STATIONS: Brent Carraway

Brent Carraway

BEST PLAYMAKER: Tanner Costine

Tanner Costine

BEST DEFENDER: Darrion Underwood

Darrion Underwood


Marcus Wright

MOST IMPROVED: Matthew Wunder

Matthew Wunder


David Caraher


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Playoff MVP – Tray Gildon 2017

Most Improved – Ty Hands 2017

Mr. Stations – Christian Perez 2017

Most Outstanding Player – Jasen West 2018

One-on-One Champion – Mick Lynott 2018



Three-on-Three Champions – Raymond Mitchell, Farnel Ettinne, Kyjon Jones

Mr Station 13 – Jahman Delancy 6-1 2014 North Broward Prep FL

6th Man – Domenico Santiago 6-3 2013 Pt St Lucie HS fL

Orange and White Classic MVP – Hasheem Moore 6-4 2012 Cardinal Gibbons Ft Lauderdale, FL &

Orange and White Classic MVP – Frank Martin 5-7 2012 Pt St Lucie HS FL

Best Rebounder -Shavano Cooper 6-6 2012 North Broward Prep FL

Playoff MVP – Kyjon Jones 5-11 2013 Riverview HS FL

Mr. Stations – Devonte Drisdom 5-10 2012 Santa Fe HS

Most Improved – Jokov Pilic 7-0 2012 Lake Worth Christian FL

Best Defender – Paul Jones 6-6 2012 Lake Worth Christian FL

Best Playmaker – Jose Morales 5-9 2015 Cardinal Gibbons Ft Lauderdale, FL

Most Promising Prospect – Darryl Purnell Robinson 6-7 2013 Erwin HS B’ham, AL

Most Outstanding Player – Marcus Neely 6-5 2012 Cardinal Gibbons Ft Lauderdale, FL

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This session in Orlando looks promising.  We have players starting to blossom and make a name for themselves.  They are putting in the work necessary to take their games to the next level.  A few of the names that have stood out, thus far; from our NBA division, Jahmah Delancy, Shavano Cooper, Hasheem Moore, Paul Jones, Frank Martin and from our NCAA Division, Jason West. These players have emerged from the pack.session.  Jahmah made his mark in the first couple NBA games by lighting up the points column.

Whereas Paul Jones is coming in looking to establish himself as a scholarship bound player.  This cast has set the bar high early on. We also have seen an unstoppable duo, that has begun to dominate our NBA division for the Lakers. PG- Frank Martin and C- Jakov Pilic have been a dynamic twosome thus far.  They dropped their first game of the season but since then have demonstrated the “team” concept; finding the pick-and-roll to be unguardable.  With playoffs just around the corner you’ll have to check in a couple of days to see how the Lakers fair. Right now the Knicks are the team to beat, with an undefeated start.

Check in on the 22nd to see what’s going to happen with the all-star game and and playoffs.


Paul Jones-  Sr.  6′ 4 F -Lake Worth Christian (Seen above finishing an alley-oop)

Jahman Delancy-  So. 5’11 G – North Broward Prep

Frank Martin- Sr. 5’9 G- Port St. Lucie

Jakov Pilic- Sr. 7′ C- Lake Worth Christian

Jasen West-  6th 5′ G- Like Highland Prep (Seen Below)

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